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Representative Payee

What is a Representative Payee (Rep Payee)?

The Representative Payee manages Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security benefits (SSDI, RSDI) for individuals who have been informed by the Social Security Administration that they need to obtain an institutional payee or who need assistance managing their benefits.

The purpose of the program is to ensure that individuals are able to continue to live independently. A Representative Payee ensures that each individual’s basic needs and payment obligations are met in a timely and consistent basis.

How Does the Rep Payee Program Work?

As your Rep Payee, we keep records of your monthly benefits received and how that money is spent.  SSI/Social Security benefits are directly deposited in the Representative Payee account, and the Rep Payee works with the consumer to manage funds and ensure that needs and payment obligations are being met.

What are the Benefits of Having a Rep Payee?

  • Basic needs will be met each month
  • Continue to live independently
  • Accountability to self and others with payment of monthly expenses
  • Reduced stress and anxiety about money

Is There a Fee for This Service?

There is a set fee per month to provide this service.


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