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The ICON Program is new to Minnesota and is a great opportunity for both people with disabilities and homeowners!

Life sharing is a community and relationship-based living arrangement, where homeowners and people with disabilities share their home, life, and experiences.

There are so many benefits to sharing your home!

Homeowners receive financial support with an agreed upon monthly rent from the person with disabilities and county reimbursement for services provided to the person.


What does ICON look like for you the homeowner?

Every homeowner will receive support and training from Independent Lifestyles to ensure long-term success of the living arrangement.

An individual/family who shares their home must be ready to understand and learn things that are important to and for the person and support them using positive and strength-based practices. They must share living space and responsibilities with the person in a supportive, healing environment, especially if the person has experienced trauma or has a disability or personality characteristics that require additional attention and time.

A living situation is not a life-sharing arrangement if the person is separated from family activities, such as shared living space, meals, vacations, friendships or contact with other family members or neighbors. The individual/family should support the person to maintain or expand their group of friends who provide meaningful relationships to the person.


The individual/family who shares their home:

  • Shares relationships and helps the person experience new things that are identified in their support plan and that are important to and for them

  • Provides support that helps the person be healthy and safe (e.g., attending doctor appointments)

  • Provides transportation or support to use public transportation, if needed.