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IL24 Program Referral Form

Please send referral forms to Ashley R:  |  320-281-2047

The program works with consumers on a CADI, DD, or BI waiver who need 245D Intensive Support Services (adult ILS or SLS) with 24-hour emergency support or phone call support.

Examples of situations in which IL24 is a fit:

  • Consumers moving out of a parent’s home, adult foster care, or group home.
  • A consumer who has recently moved out of a parent’s home, adult foster care, or group home who is struggling with the responsibility and needs more support.
  • A consumer who has been living independently for a while but due to recent life changes is in need of more support to maintain independence.

We set consumers up for sustainable success by working with them to find and maintain independent living and set goals for future growth.

We work closely with landlords in each county and build strong relationships to provide options for our consumers in housing that is affordable, safe and has access to public transportation.

  • Our staff work with our consumers to determine what independent living looks like to them, from where they would like to live, to what is affordable and if they may need a roommate to share bills or chores.
  • Our staff help our consumers search for, schedule appointments with and tour apartments.
  • We support our consumers by advocating with them when signing their lease and by coordinating their move to the new location.
  • We follow up with our consumers to assist with any questions they have after the move and to continue to build their confidence in living independently.

We work with our consumers to find a roommate that they feel is a mutual fit.

  • We help our consumers find fits within their families, with our other consumers and also with friends.
  • Roommates do not have to be someone in one of our programs, but should be someone whom our consumers feel is a fit and can be an effective roommate.
  • We suggest potential roommates based on preferences and personality, and help coordinate meet and greet meetings.
  • Our staff facilitate roommate meetings and help potential roommates discuss common interests, priorities and what each wants in a roommate.
  • Our consumers decide if it is a fit, as we strive to create effective roommate relationships.

Our processes are person centered and revolve around the goals and input of our consumers.

We coach and support our consumers in:

  • Coordination of medical appointments
  • Understanding and implementing budgets
  • Social supports
  • Household management
  • Transportation coordination
  • Community integration
  • Plus many other areas to support and maintain their level of independence.

  • Scheduled on call shifts that are 24/7, 365 days for our consumers to call in an emergency or for problem solving and support.
  • Daily check-ins based on consumers’ needs and input.
  • Consumer controlled outcomes following 245D policies and procedures.
  • Extensive work, coordination and education with guardians, families and other team members.
  • Community based staffing focused on a flexible workforce available to meet consumer needs and hours

  • Medication setup or administration.
  • Transportation on demand (Unless it is an emergency or it can be arranged 2 or more weeks in advance).
  • Pet sitting service or animal support of any kind.