How do relocation services work?

For relocation services, call your local Center for Independent Living (CIL) or your county human service agency to discuss your options.

Arrange with your nursing home social worker to schedule a long-term care consultation (LTCC) with your county.

During your LTCC, tell the county worker that you desire relocation services.  Your request will be referred to a Relocation Coordinator who will schedule a meeting with you, your nursing home social worker, and anyone else you wish to attend.  Make sure you attend all meetings so your wishes can be heard and understood by everyone involved.

Talk with your Relocation Coordinator about where and how you want to live.

Help your Relocation Coordinator gather important information and complete the necessary paperwork.

You and your Relocation Coordinator will explore and visit housing options that meet your needs.  Your Relocation Coordinator will help you fill out any rental applications.

Ask your Relocation Coordinator for information about financial benefits, waivers, and services that will help you live independently in the community.

Once suitable housing has been found, you and your Relocation Coordinator will arrange for your services, equipment, and supports.

When everything is in place, your Relocation Coordinator will arrange for the move to your new home!