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Representative Payee

What is a Representative Payee (Rep Payee)?

A program for individuals who have been informed by the Social Security Administration or Department of Veterans Affairs that they need to obtain an institutional payee/Fiduciary or who need assistance managing their benefits.

How Does the Rep Payee Program Work?

As your Rep Payee, we keep records of your monthly benefits received and how that money is spent.  SSI/Social Security or veterans benefits are directly deposited in the Representative Payee or Fiduciary account, and the Rep Payee works with the consumer to manage funds and ensure that needs and payment obligations are being met.


  • Option to give input regarding your finances.
  • Open communication.
  • Access to information – benefits letter, budgets, etc.
  • Access to services.
  • Communication with county and other providers.
  • Coordination of benefits – MA, GRH, MFIP, etc.
  • Prompt and accurate reporting to social security and the VA fiduciary Hub.

Representative Payee Hotline: (320) 281-2059

To login to the rep payee portal click HERE.

Rep Payee Intake Packet


This program is partially funded by United Way