Looking for a Roommate?

Try our IL24 Program

We match individuals on waivers with roommates that create a strong relationship for maintaining independence by sharing rent, chores and expenses.

We want to help you find a roommate that you feel is a good fit for you.

Roommates do not have to be best friends, but should be compatible roommates.

Our IL24 Program provides: 

* 24/7, 365 days support

*Independent living in market rate apartments

*You must be on a county DD or CADI waiver

* Your goals are supported

If you are searching for a roommate and would like your own poster, please call or email Travis.

Email: shawnr@independentlifestyles.org

Phone: 320-443-5881

Look through our roommate posters and call Shawn if you are interested!

Stearns County

Found a possible fit? Call your County Case Worker or Shawn and tell them you are interested in ILICIL’s IL24 Program. 

Not a Match? Give us a call and we will see if we have someone who is!

Coordinator: Shawn

Email: shawnr@independentlifestyles.org

Phone: 320-443-5881